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 Trunk or Treat

We will be hosting our 1st annual Trunk or Treat

on Friday, October 29th. If you are interested in

attending the event, please complete the

survey below.




All students should have a pair of headphones with them everyday.

Students are on their computer several times a day and having headphones will

eliminate distractions.


Mask Policy

Every student should bring a mask with them DAILY

No School

There will be no school on Friday, October 15th and Monday, October 18th


Red Ribbon Week

Red ribbon week will take place on the week of October 25th - October 19th



Mask Requirement Policy

Given the continuous monitoring of COVID-19, and to prioritize the health and safety of all staff and students, it is now our expectation that all staff members AND all students wear masks. Any parent coming into the office, whether it is to sign in or sign out your student will also require a mask. If your child cannot wear a mask, or cannot safely wear a mask due to a disability as defined by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) (42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq.), please reach out to Andrea Citchen, Principal via email at andrea.citchen@yesprep.org.


Early Pick-up Policy

Daily instruction ends at 3:10PM daily. To avoid end of day interruptions, students will not be released after 2:30PM. Visitors will not be allowed in the building after 2:30PM unless a previous appointment has been made. Valid state I.D. is required to pick-up students from the main office. Individuals picking up students must also be listed as an authorized pick-up person.


Late Pick-up Policy

If you are unable to pick up your student by 3:45PM, you will have to park and pick up your student from the front office. ID will be required for any adult entering the building to pick up a student, car tag is not accepted as a form of identification. If you are unable to pick up your student on time please enroll your student in the afterschool program. Our afterschool program is Club Zenith and they can be contacted via text message at 281.210.6598 to provide enrollment information.


Student Drop-Off Policy

At 7:25AM daily, an adult (18+) is required to park and walk the student into the main office. Beginning at 7:30AM an adult (18+) must also park, walk and sign the student into the building. Please do not park in the fire lane even if it is for a brief moment. General rule, if you no longer see staff receiving students via curbside, an adult (18+) must park and walk their student into the building.


Car Riders

If your student is a car rider, make sure you have your car tag for dismissal. If you do not have your car tag you will be told to park and go to the front office to pick up your student. You must bring in a Valid state ID and must be on the student's pick up list.


Lunch Menu


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