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Are you ready to celebrate? YES Prep elementary students sure are!

This month marked the 100th day of school, a momentous achievement that is filled with fun and celebration.

100th-day outfits

At YES Prep, we take the 100th day of school very seriously as it marks the halfway point of the year, an important marker for setting goals and reflecting on all the progress our elementary students have made. On this special occasion, classrooms come alive with creativity, as students dress up in their most creative “100th Day” outfits. Some costumes are cool, some are quirky, and some are just outrageously fun!

100th-day celebrations

In addition to celebrating with their unique attire, our elementary students also participate in various activities throughout the day that allows them to recognize their success. For example, they might create a wall-sized collage or decorate an oversized banner with all sorts of colorful numbers in honor of reaching 100 days of learning. Another popular activity is sharing what they have learned so far this academic year—a great way for them to reflect on how far they’ve come through their hard work and dedication.

At YES Prep elementary schools, we believe it is important to recognize successes big and small along the way – not just for our elementary students but for our staff members too! That's why we always make sure to incorporate appreciation into every celebration. This year was no exception! Thank you, families, staff and students for participating and being a part of our SPARKS family—we couldn't have had such an amazing event without you!

As we wrap up another successful 100th-day celebration here at YES Prep elementary schools, one thing remains clear: when we come together as a community—students, teachers, staff members and parents alike — incredible things can happen! We know that each student will use this experience as motivation to keep striving forward towards more success ahead.

Here’s wishing all YES Prep elementary students good luck for many more days (and years!) full of learning and growth!

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