Friday, September 3rd: Student Holiday (No School)

Monday, September 6th: Labor Day (No School)

Wednesday, September 8th: National Literacy Day

Friday, September 10th: Heroes Don't Always Wear Capes (Wear a Super Hero Shirt)

 Front Office Hours of Operation:

YES Prep Southside Elementary front office hours of operation are from 7:00AM - 2:30PM. Phone calls will be answered from 7:00AM - 2:30 PM. If a student is in tutorials with a teacher, please contact the teacher directly. If the student is enrolled in the after-school program, please contact them directly.

 Early Pick-up Policy <Update>

Daily instruction ends at 3:10PM daily. To avoid end of day interruptions, students will not be released after 2:30PM. Visitors will not be allowed in the building after 2:30PM unless a previous appointment has been made. Valid state I.D. is required to pick-up students from the main office. Individuals picking up students must also be listed as an authorized pick-up person.


Student Drop-Off

At 7:25AM daily, an adult (18+) is required to park and walk the student into the main office. Beginning at 7:30AM an adult (18+) must also park, walk and sign the student into the building. Please do not park in the fire lane even if it is for a brief moment. General rule, if you no longer see staff receiving students via curbside, an adult (18+) must park and walk their student into the building.


Late Pick-up Policy

If you are unable to pick up your student by 3:15PM, please enroll your student in the afterschool program. Our afterschool program is Club Zenith and they can be contacted via text message at 281.210.6598 to provide enrollment information.


Bus Rider Return Policy

If you will not be at your students bus stop, your student will be returned to campus. Students who return via the bus will require parent pick-up. Students that return via the bus are also monitored and tracked daily. If you require a later pick-up for your student, please enroll your student in the afterschool program, Club Zenith. Please text Club Zenith at 281.210.6598 for enrollment information.


Curbside Drop-Off & Pick-Up

For the safety of all students, please ensure you are adhering to all traffic monitors guidance and following the drop-off and pick-up flow of traffic. Please monitor your speed, stay off cellphones and remember there is NO PASSING in the event a student, staff or parent is crossing or etc.

Visitation Updates

To protect the health and safety of our students and staff, effective today 08/30/2021, we will not allow any visitors on campus unless you have a scheduled meeting or appointment. This means parents will not be allowed to eat lunch or attend birthday celebrations with their student. We will update you if and when there are changes to this policy.

Birthday Celebrations

To minimize instruction disruptions, families must follow the birthday guidelines:

  • Birthday celebrations will ONLY take place on Fridays from 2:50PM-3:10PM.
  • Birthday treats must be store bought. Food made at home will NOT be distributed within school.
  • Families are encouraged to bring individual servings such as cupcakes or cookies; whole cakes or cookie cakes are NOT allowed. (Only store bought cupcakes or cakes. Ex: HEB, KROGERS, WALMART, ETC.)
  • Families are allowed to bring goodie bags with items that are non edible. Non edible examples include bubbles, playdough, yo-yo etc.
  • Before planning a Friday celebration, please reach out to your students’ teacher to coordinate.
  • Birthday treats must be dropped off at the front office on Friday’s prior to 12:00PM.

 School-Based Health Care Conveniently located at your child’s school offered by LEGACY


To learn well, you must be well!!! Legacy makes access to high-quality, affordable, health care and MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT for your child easier than ever with In person visits during school. Legacy School Based clinic is conveniently located inside your child’s school and provides a variety of pediatric and behavioral health services. Behavioral Health Services INCLUDE : Treatment for Anxiety, Depression Behavioral & attentional difficulties, Family conflicts, Grief and Trauma. Please contact your schools SSC or your child’s teacher if you are interested in more information regarding how your child may receive mental health services.



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