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Accelerated Program June 13th- June 24th   7:20 am- 2:40 pm

· To offer additional instructional minutes targeted to achieve mastery on prior grade level content and skills.

· To address the academic needs identified for rising Grade 2, and 3 students who are retained or placed through the Retention-Placement Committee.

Camp Chispas June 13th- July 20th  7:20 am- 2:40 pm

· To offer additional math and reading instruction and support.

· To provide programming increasing English Language proficiency. 

·  Increase student persistence at YES Prep.

Compensatory June 13th- July 20th  7:20 am- 2:40 pm

Compensatory services are educational services that a student needs to make up for skills or learning lost when services described in the IEP were not provided.

Extended School Year June 13th- July 20th  7:20 am- 2:40 pm

· Minimize loss of skills that would occur during an extended break.

· Ensure there is no lapse in services needed for students to meet IEP goals.

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Amanda Jones Summer Program Director -

Luz  Alonzo Academic Coordinator -

Safiya Bevis Culture Coordinator -